Ed Butler in the House in Concord



My Accomplishments in Concord

Using the link to my voting record can help you to understand my positions on a variety of issues and concerns.  But be discerning when reviewing my votes.  Sometimes a vote against a particular bill is because the recommendation is to kill it and I’m against that motion, or …..  Let me know if you have questions and I’ll be happy to answer.

One of the other issue areas I have worked on over the past several years has been LGBT equality.  I am proud to have been instrumental in passing our nondiscrimination legislation that includes gay men and lesbians; the civil union bill and then the marriage equality bill; and then, in this past year, both a nondiscrimination bill to include our transgender citizens and a bill to ban conversion therapy for minors.

I look forward to the opportunity to continue representing the people in the 10 towns within Carroll County District 7.