I’m running for my sixth term in the New Hampshire House of Representatives, for Carroll County District 7, and would like your support!



I’m Running Again

I’m running again for a seat in the New Hampshire House of Representatives.  This will be my 6th term as a NH State Representative and the district I now represent is Carroll County District 7 comprising the 10 northern towns of Hart’s Location, Bartlett, Jackson, Chatham, Conway, Albany, Eaton, Madison, Tamworth, Freedom and the unincorporated Hale’s Location.  I will appreciate your support and vote on November 6th. Please re-elect Ed Butler for NH House of Representatives.

I intend to add current information about local forums and activities on Facebook, so go there to stay current!

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My Background

I have been involved in state, town, and community political and public service activities for much of my adult life. My breadth of experience, and that which I have gained while working in the state legislature, will serve me well should you decide to return me to Concord as your Representative from Carroll County District 7. For more details, read About Ed Butler >

My Voting Record

My Voting Record

Transparency in government is important.  Here in NH we have a transparent and inclusive process.  I am pleased that in NH no bill can be side-lined, that every bill receives a public hearing and that every bill gets a vote on the floor.  Anyone who wishes to speak about their support or opposition to a bill — anyone — gets a chance to do so. Click to Learn More >

My accomplishments as your representative

My Accomplishments

I want to return to our state capitol to continue to be an effective legislator and leader – and to continue to learn how to make our political and legislative system more efficient and responsive to the needs of our citizens.  One of my priorities, is and will continue to be quality, affordable health care. Learn More >

Re-Elect Ed Butler

I want to return to our state capitol to continue to be an effective legislator and leader. 

For two of my five terms I was the Chair of the Commerce Committee and the Ranking Member in this last two terms. One of my priorities is and will continue to be quality, affordable health care.  One of the reasons I am on the Commerce Committee is because we consider bills every year related to health care insurance – one of the major drivers of the cost of health care.

Ed participating in Ganny D Walk
Ed introducing Hillary Clinton at the Carroll County Democratic Dinner
Ed and Wendy campaigning
Ed signing papers to run for office.

I am YOUR Representative. Send me a question or a request.

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